Jani's designs have appeared on a vast range of items from bone china mugs by Wren and Royal Doulton,

to Flemish Tapestry cushions to fabric for skirts made by the Austrian fashion house Geiger,

to chopsticks! part of a Jani Tully Chaplin signature collection of lifestyle products for Japan.





cedar_catalogue_mugs_small.jpg doulton_everyday_mugs_small.jpg



japan_small.jpg japan_2_small.jpg


A wool fabric of Jani's 'Highland Birds' designs was used by Geiger, The Austrian fashion house,

and produced as skirts which sold worldwide from Great Britain & Europe to Korea.





The designs below, produced as alternatives for existing commissions, are currently available to the market.



true_love_small.jpg indian_garden_mug_small.jpg feathers_small.jpg


Above, left to right: 'True Love', 'Indian Garden', 'Feathers'


seahorse_small.jpg sweets_small.jpg eggs_small.jpg


Above, left to right: 'Sea Horse', 'Sweeties', 'Birds Eggs'


toadstool.jpg rory_rabbit_small.jpg grandmother_mouse_small.jpg miranda_mouse_small.jpg


Above, left to right: 'Playful Pixies', 'Rory Rabbit', 'Grandmother Mouse', Miranda Mouse'