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The Butterflies Fly Backwards is a lighthearted recollection of a family's serendipitous journey towards a new life in Corfu. 


"Jani’s descriptive prose beckons me back to Corfu, smelling the soft evening air and hearing the sea. 

Charming and amusing in equal measure, this is a book to cheer the saddest heart." 

Joanna Lumley


Swopping high heels and catwalks for oilskins and windswept decks, the author had stepped into married life in unconventional fashion. Sixteen years later, with a calamitous track record of fire, flood and burglaries safely behind them, there was surely nothing left for the Fates to throw at her family. 

Rather than buying a holiday home on a whim they find the boat of their dreams and set sail for Corfu with their two children.
 For eight years they revel in life afloat, cruising the Ionian Islands with an endless procession of friends on board. Far from a sailing journal, this is a story of sun filled days and star spangled nights with a boat thrown in.

Falling ever more under the spell of Corfu and its people, making friends with waiters, taxi drivers, aristocrats and tycoons, learning Greek along the way and becoming increasingly disenchanted with life in England, they decide to build their permanent home on the island.

Their charmed new life in Corfu should have lasted forever, but several pitfalls and one more disaster lay in wait for them ...

With her meticulous eye for detail, her love
 of nature and sense of the ridiculous, the author and illustrator of The Manor House Stories paints a picture of the island from which the vibrant colours, scents, sounds, flavours and characters leap from the pages.

The Butterflies Fly Backwards - Pre-order

The Butterflies Fly Backwards - Pre-order

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The Manor House Stories

The Manor House Stories are a series of 12 children's books with over 500 exquisite illustrations. 

The first story will be released for Christmas 2013, written and illustrated by Jani Tully Chaplin


Foreword by Julian Fellowes:


"The Manor House Stories create a wonderful and detailed world in miniature full of truth and consequence, like all good stories should, 

giving us lessons about life but in the most charming way imaginable. No one can accuse the books of soft-soaping the realities of work in a great house, 

there is plenty of elbow grease required from all the animals and birds employed there, as I should know, but you will find kindness in these pages too, 

and I suppose I believe that while fate may be challenging for everyone, there is often some kindness in the mix. In my experience anyway.

These lovely little tales contain comments and observations that will be very useful to young readers in the years to come, 

and they will be useful to older readers, too, if I am anything to go by."